George Carlin is dead which is not as funny as his earlier stuff

A while back George Carlin died just like that, except that he had heart problems. But he still just died. He went into the doctor on a Sunday afternoon and before 6pm kicked the bucket.

I think it was pretty lame of him to die off just like that. First of all he was pretty funny most of the time and he knew more four letter words than anybody else in the whole world. This is a big deal since our great country loves four letter words. And just in case you haven’t noticed, Fred is a four letter word staring with “f” which is kind of funny too. But that doesn’t excuse the fact that George just decided to blank out on us without even another funny thing to say.

George Carlin is famous for lots of funny things which I can’t all remember at this point of time. He did that famous thing about the seven things you can’t eat on television that couldn’t be put on television except on cable which I don’t get because I’m too cheap for such expensive wiring. Mostly I just watch the squirrels playing in my backyard and make sure I don’t kill any accidently. This is something George Carlin would probably appreciate if he had thought of it. But since he’s dead he’s probably not going to do a lot of HBO specials now, unless those guys hold him to a couple of more. But they’d probably not be that funny since dead people can’t make face expressions. They only have that skull which is always smiling even if there is nothing funny. That takes all the fun out of it if you ask me about it.  George needed his face to be on his skull to be funny for sure.

So anyway, since I liked him, I’ll probably let the whole dying thing go and not hold it against him for a long time. I kind of wish I knew where he is right now, but since I don’t want to be interrupted by religion on this great blog, I can’t wonder about it too much. I will just think nice thoughts about him in my memory which, as I said before one time, is where my memories are.

So chula vista George Carlin. I hope you have a nice rest until whenever is. I will always remember that one routine about baseball and bowling you did. You were a genus in the human being race, though now that you’re dead you’re sort of disqualified.


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  1. i peed a little – so funny you might wet your pants…

    […]George Carlin is dead which is not as funny as his earlier stuff « fredzone[…]…

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