I am not usually interested in other blogs due to the fact that this great blog covers about all I want to know. But somehow one of my respectful squirrel writings got connected to this other blog so I clicked on it to see if somebody else was honoring squirrels like this great blog does. And do you know what I found? This is what I found:

I am telling you that this is a horrible thing to see when you have been dealing with the squirrel nation like I have been. But what is freakier is that now I am suspecting that the dead squirrel I found in my backyard was not killed by a cat at all but by some crazy GI Joe dolls. This would be awful because I had always trusted GI Joe dolls. I even had one a long time ago. Now I am not sure if there is something going on with them or not. But this picture is pretty hard to deny about it if you ask me.

Anyway, I better warn the squirrels in my area or they’ll think I’m a cereal squirrel killer which I am not. And I am not ever going to trust those GI Joe dolls anymore, let me tell you. Even if they are dressed up as Americans.


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