A person like me should be famous for sure. The problem is that I’m not really that famous as I should be considering that I am famous material. It is not much of a problem for me due to the fact that I am not stuck on myself like some people. For example Madonna or some of those dead movie stars. And don’t forget all those gangster wrappers who always try to look so cool by showing their underwear and jewels. That is not me at all, except that I do wear underwear but don’t go presenting it to everybody like it’s something to be proud of. Underwear is called underwear for a reason which is that its only underwear if its under not showing like a beak in the night as they say. Now I’m not an underwear expert except that I do wear it everyday, but I hate those boxing shorts they sell for the reason of they are too loose to do what has to be done. Oh sure, they have designs on them but that just temps people to show them off when they should be under something. And I also hate those speedo kind that are mostly strips not underwear. What’s the point I ask you about that? No way. Underwear is supposed to be in the form of briefings, which are measured to do what they’re supposed to do but in secret under something else not for broadcasting to the world. I am not going to be famous for that.

Another thing I have trouble with. That is going to the store to buy toilet paper. Everybody knows you need it but that’s the problem. When you put toilet paper in the cart and walk to the checker, they know what you are going to use it for. It’s like they are looking into your private business right there in the store. And when there are other people in the line they know too about it. That is very weird if you ask me about it. There you are with milk and butter and cereal which nobody even looks twice at and then you pull out a bunch of toilet paper and put it on the roller and suddenly everybody is thinking to themselves “hey I know what that’s for” like they can see right into your bathroom in the future. This can stick with a person even when you are in the privacy of your own bathroom later. So you have just finished your business and are reaching for that new roll you bought and you realize that a whole bunch of people have already LOOKED at that roll in the store and know exactly what you are doing with it AT THAT MOMENT. You might as well put your toilet in your front yard for all that matters about it. So what I do when I need to use that public toilet paper is I close my eyes tight SO I CAN’T SEE WHAT I’M DOING. This is a great strategy due to the fact that now I can’t even notice myself using that toilet paper. It’s like turning invisible like those Klingons did to their spaceship in Star Trek when they wanted to attack Captain Kangaroo. It would have worked too if they had been smarter about it. So I suggest closing your eyes with the toilet paper so you can sort of slip by those people in the grocery store who have tried to peek into your privacy.

So basically being famous isn’t that big of a deal for me so I probably shouldn’t have even brought it up in the first place.


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