Flying Saucer

Normally I do not believe in UFOs or in aliens from another planet. This is because I am able to think above my mind about these things which other people can’t and so they believe in them but I don’t. I’ll tell you why I don’t believe in UFOs. In the first place, only mostly flaky people see them. This is a warning right off the bat. Flaky people see lots of things that aren’t there like ghosts and poultrygiests and spirits of dead people who hang around because they’re murdered or something.

I also don’t believe all those pictures of UFOs because most of the time they are blurry so you can’t see very good. This is a tip off too because even with these great cameras everybody has now the UFO pictures still are fuzzy. And everybody knows that they can use paper plates to make UFOs for the pictures, and real aliens from another planet could never get far in a paper plate, even a Chinet one which is stiffer and probably could get father between planets than a regular paper plate. But I still don’t believe in them.

I also don’t believe in those stories about being kidnapped by aliens with big eyes and bald heads. Mostly those are people who have extended imaginations and never grew up, kind of like those people who dress up in night’s armor and pretend to be living along time ago when they should be staying home mowing the lawn. And seriously how could aliens be so advanced to fly here from another planet and still not figure out a cure for baldness? Ha, I say.

I also don’t believe that UFOs are secret weapons by the government from Lost Alamo or some other place in the desert either. People should know by now that our government is honest and would not play tricks on us. Take those stealth airplanes. We all knew about them before the government even did. That’s how it works in America. At least I thought so until a few days ago.

You should know that I have to drive out in the country a few times a week. I drive by farms and vineyards on the way. It is really pretty except when it’s raining. Well, the other day I was driving along listening to disco on my radio when I couldn’t believe my eyes. And I wouldn’t even say anything if I didn’t have this old disposable camera crammed in my glove compartment from like ten years ago. But I stopped and quickly took this picture fast.  Well, actually I didn’t really stop only drove slower because I have heard those aliens can make your motor stop if you don’t keep going.  But I still did take the picture fast and got out of there before anything could happen to me.  My heart was beating let me tell you and I almost ran over a squirrel which would have been a total disaster as you would know if you have been following this great blog.


I couldn’t hardly fit it into my mind what I was seeing. A real live flying saucer right in front of my eyes. But do you think that was enough for me? You bet it wasn’t. I also noticed that there was an American flag on it. I mean what are the odds of those aliens having a country with a flag just like ours? It is almost enough to make a person believe in religion if they weren’t above their mind like me. But maybe there are only so many kinds of countries to go around even in space and they have to use America again. Who knows? Maybe there are like thousands of Americas across the universe and we don’t even know it except in the case of this flying saucer that I saw.

So I am taking a big risk here on this blog to tell you about my experience I hope you know because I have a reputation of being above my mind most of the time and deal with megaphysical issues mostly. This is just something that happened to me and at least I’m brave enough to say it. But don’t go looking for me to tell about it again. You can take that all the way to the bakery as they say.


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