Dolly Llama jokes I made up

I am laughing to myself because I am pretty funny to myself sometimes. It happened because I think I am very constituted and plugged up which is totally not funny except a person has a lot of time to sit and think if you know what I mean about it. So anyway I was sitting you know where and after a couple of hours of pretty much unsuccess I figured I should make the best of it. This has happened to me before and I came up with some funny things also which I can’t remember due to the fact that when I actually got successful it was pretty much a blow out that disruptured my thought process and used up a ton of toilet paper to boot. When that happens you pretty much lose whatever else you were working on at the time.

Anyway, this time around I have not been successful yet which is why I asked my organical wife to pick up some exlaxative to get things loosened up in there. I’m a little worred that she will get some natural looser made with beeswax or something like that. I want chemicals straight and simple to blow the pipes clean and be done with it.

Anyway, this time I am funny because of the Dolly Llama guy who is a god supposedly. Good luck with that, I say. But I was thinking about him when these jokes just came to me. I can’t vouch for them as they say but I they made me laugh at myself for thinking them even if I am constituted so I decided to brighten up your day with them too.

How do you greet him?

—Hello, Dolly.

When you ask for forgiveness from him what does he give you?

—A Dolly pardon.  (That cracks me up.)

What do you have when he shakes hands with you?

—A Dolly grip.

What was his name in his last life?

—Fernando Llama.

What did he teach at the birthing center?

—Lamas classes

Why did he go to Las Vegas?


What are you if he leaves town the day before you see him?

—A day late and a Dolly short.

So basically that’s it. I am still laughing at me for thinking of them by accident. I don’t mean any unrespect to him for being a reincarcerated god so I hope he doesn’t get mad at me. But just in case he reads this I want him to know that I support Buddism as a country if they can pay the bills, but I have to say he could take some advice about fashion from the pope.


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