Trees or civilization?

There is this saying that some men can march to the beat of a different drummer. I think it is by some guy who moved to the woods a long time ago to live by himself and look at trees for a living. This is a weird job since trees don’t do much except stand there. It’s not like he was watching for fires either like those other guys who live in towers and start talking to birds and animals like they are humans or something. This is a danger of living in the woods by yourself without anybody else around. You start to think weird things. Then to make an excuse for it you invent a saying like the one about drummers like it’s okay to talk to birds.

I know about this guy Saint Franklin who supposedly talked to birds too. They make it like a religious thing that we should be impressed by like he was a saint or something. But I’m telling you that talking to birds is something that happens to lots of people who live in the woods alone. The only thing saint Franklin did different was turn his weird thing into a religion. That is why I’m not going to talk about him since you already know tree.jpgI will not be interrupted by religion on this blog. But just so you know where I stand on this issue, talking to birds is not a real religion no matter who is playing the drums.

So this guy who moved to the woods and started playing the drums is a perfect example of how dangerous being by yourself in the woods on purpose is when your alone in them. The settlers of this great country knew this and cut all the trees down as they moved into the wilderness. Remember that little house on the prairie? Well, you didn’t see them living in the trees did you? They cut them down in order to make civilization happen. Which brings up the point that the first civilizations in the world like Eygpt and Messapotania started civilization in the first place which you can tell because they have no trees anymore at all! Wake up and get with the coffee people.

I live in a state that thinks it is all about trees and salmon which is Oregon. We even have a recycled governor to be cool. Big deal. As long as there are trees and salmon there is no civilization and there is a very big danger of people starting to talk to birds and animals which I have seen already I’ll have you know. I admit that hardly anybody talks to salmons, but that is an exception probably.  But I am not one of them even if somebody turns it into a religion no matter what.

So here’s what I think. Trees are just big growing sticks and birds are just flying birds. They are a wall to civilization and anybody who plays the drum different is a scab artist. I’m all for clean air and Greenland, but you can forget about me getting a close relationship with a tree or bird. I draw the line at that.


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