Books I’m so not jealous of

I have a friend who is an author. This means he has written a book. Actually he has written a few of them or so but he has just got another one out. I saw it advertised in an cultured newspaper thing that I read to be cultured with. It’s not that I need to read about culture because as you would know if you follow this great blog I have enough culture in my own brain to go around. But I like to look at it so I feel that I’m as cultured as these people who get mentioned. It’s kind of like people magazine for more smart people like me.

So anyway my friend has just put out a book and I bet some people will buy it for sure and some of them might even read it. This is a problem for me I confess to admit. I like my friend which is mostly what makes him a friend. But the fact that he has made another book kind of bothers me due to the fact that I have tried to get a book made a few times but the editors of those publisher places send back my ideas like they don’t want them or something. I have a file with those sent back excuses. They pretend to be polite like they like my ideas and even like my concepts but do they want to make a book out of them? You bet they don’t.

Now the issue with this is that my ideas are best seller material if you want to know the truth about it. Nobody else has them like I do, mostly because I get them from above my mind. No offense to my friend, but his books are really ideas he got direct from his mind. I don’t mind telling you that I won’t settle for those kind of ideas. My material comes from something other than thinking which you should know by now. My ideas are megaphysical. All I have to say is that those publishers who make books are very short on megaphysical editors if the ones I have got letters from tell the truth. These guys are pretty much locked into their minds with no place else to go. It’s a scam for sure. I won’t put up with it I tell you.

That’s why I am here on this blog for free. I don’t have to wait for some editor to tell me he will make a book out of me. No way. Here I can explain what is above my mind and give you the benefit of it. This is what they call intelligental freedom, which is a technical word for what I do. I can pretty much guarantee that you will not find ideas like mine in any stupid old book that is advertised in a fancy culture magazine. My ideas and even some of my concepts are above books totally. And if I keep getting more smart like I am I may not even be able to put my ideas in a blog even. Then I will be stuck above my own mind by myself kind of like Albert Steinberg or Lady Gaga.

But I am not jealous of my friend I hope you know. My friend probably even wrote that book he is an author of and deserves to have people know it. He is also a nice guy which to tell the truth is easy if you have a bunch of books out there. It’s harder to be nice naturally. So this is not about me wanting to have a book out there so I can show up in a culture magazine too. How baby is that? I am not so stooped a person to be shallow or condecent. My friend should enjoy his total luck and be thankful he is not a servant of higher things like me which can only be found above a person’s mind if they have one. I am stuck with this call of life and there is nothing I can do about it. I am not complaining about it or even wondering. It is just a fact of megaphysicality that has dropped on my mind like a hammer. Only a few people in historical times have been like this. For example guys like that guy who invented megaphysics in the first place. Does anybody really know about him?  You bet not.  Oh, yeah, and maybe Dr. Seuss or that drug poet Allen Ginsburro. Anyway, you can’t be above your mind and have a book at the same time except for those exceptions.

Just so you know I am at peace with my person. The fact of it is that I will probably go out and buy that book just to make my friend feel better, but I won’t read even one word of it because I am not a rug to walk over by famous authors. I have my dignification through and through. And that is why I am not going to tell you my friend’s name mostly because I am above that kind of thing.



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