People do not know enough about me if you want to know about it. There is way more about me than even this great blog can have in it. If you have been following along this great blog you would already know this. And it is not polite to just brag about me in public which is different than giving facts about me which sometimes this blog does sometimes. Mostly, even I don’t know all the important stuff about me because other people know more than me about me in some things that is from their side of the story.

That is why I am thinking about starting a Wikifredia which is a place for information about me so people can know. This is not the same as that Fred society I have heard about which is a place to buy Fred t-shirts and stuff. That is a cheap money making place taking advantage of my name and doesn’t offer anything about me even one bit. So that is why there needs to be a Wikifredia in my opinion.

But I can’t write a Wikifredia myself because wiki means that it is open to everybody adding information. So I’m asking all the people who read this great blog to send in information about me that I don’t know about. Then when people gaggle “wikifredia” they will find this blog and read the comments with that information about me in them. This will be cheaper than a wikifredia website because this blog is free and besides I don’t know much about making webs. I think you need to know about hdtv or something like that which I don’t.

So if you know information about me then it would be good for Wikifredia and you can send it for people to read about me. Oh, and here is an idea I have for an article in Wikifredia which is a cool character from Captain Kangaroo a long time ago named after me:


I seriously think Wikifredia could work if somebody will do all the work and doesn’t want to sue me over it.


One Response

  1. Does it have to be as accurate and unbiased as wikipedia?

    And what about “fredileaks” for getting out important private information about you to the world that you don’t want anyone to know?

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