The probelm with being more smart

If you have been following this great blog you found out that I am way more smart than other people are. This is a fact pretty much true mostly. My brain works in ways that I cannot even imaginate on my own, but I have to take my word for it. This is because only a couple of people can think above their minds. I am one of them who do it pretty much all the time. The other person I know about is this guy I met downtown by the bridge. He was kind of hard to understand but I could tell he was thinking way above his mind, or maybe somewhere else from it anyway. He smelled kind of bad but that could just be his way of doing it. When you find guys like that just hanging out by a bridge doing nothing you know America is a great country. Other countries no way can afford that.

But not everybody even appreciates the fact that I am more smart than them. Some people have an attitude that I’m stuck up or innocent. I can tell you, if you want to know, that I am not stuck up or innocent in anything that I can think of, even above my mind. Stuck up people are not really smarter because they are worried about it which is what stuck up is motivated by. I am not worried about it even one bit. What is in my mind is protected. I have written about this before and won’t repeat myself again since this is a fresh blog not a refurnished one.

Another issue about being more smart is that nobody really takes you serious. They don’t listen to your ideas and sometime not even your concepts. They think you are impracticed about real things. That is not true mostly either. I know lots of stuff about real things. But more smart people like me just ignore them due to the fact that we are concentrating on megaphysical stuff located above our minds. This is the origin of the slam being an ignoreamus, which was invented by people who don’t like more smart people. Well, la dee da as somebody said once.

But most of the time being more smart gives a person what they call perspection. It’s like knowing secret information that is secret from everybody else. Only smarter people can have this since if everybody did there would be no way to tell who was smarter or not. It’s built into the system of smartness. But this is also an issue. Because if I actually tell you my in site then you will have it too and then the line between my smartness and your not smartness is erased and the whole thing is messed up. So that’s why you have to take it on belief that I am more smart not by me showing you by letting out secrets that I have and you don’t. That should be obvious, even for everybody.

Anyway, that’s pretty much all I have to say about that. Except that you can enjoy my smartness through this great blog vacatiously which is the next best thing.


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  1. You’re so smart my heads hurts when I read you.

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