Like everybody else in America, including illegal aliens, I pay my taxes. I am an American for sure and believe in taxes more than anything. Each of us Americans needs to help pay for stuff that our government wants like those pork chops I keep hearing about. We are a great country and should at least be able to afford pork chops. We also have to have money for other things like senators and garbage collection. They don’t come free like some people seem to think they are. As the saying goes, money isn’t free. So that’s my position on America and taxes.

The problem for most people is that doing taxes is too much complicated. Even me who is more smarter than most people as you should know has some trouble once in a while with doing taxes. It is not because I am not smart. It is due to the fact that the guys who invent the tax rules want to keep their jobs so they make them complicated so we think they are needed. Guys at those tax businesses like HR Blog also like complicated taxes because then people run to them for help and they rake in lots of money.

A long time ago I started using my computer for doing taxes. The problem was I had to buy a tax program to do it and they aren’t all that cheap like I am. But a last year I found this great program online for seven bucks called Thumb Tax. The neat thing about it is that you never have to order a new one for the next year. Right on the website it says “Never buy another tax program.” That was good enough for me. They should know since they wrote the program.

Right away when you start it, the screen says “Don’t worry, be happy.” I think that says it all pretty much. When you are happy, taxes go much better. Then they ask you for your name and all your credit card numbers to avoid the middle men. I like that. Once you have done that, they ask you for your social security number and bank account number and your PIN. When you punch in those numbers a screen pops up and says, “We’ll take it from here.” This is a really comforting thing, if you ask me about it.

When you’re all finished, the screen pops up again and says with this smiley face “Now your taxes are the least of your worries!” Then the program just shut down by itself. I couldn’t believe how easy it was. I didn’t even have to put in my income numbers or anything like those other programs make you do. In about three minutes I was totally done with taxes. Now that is a steal at seven bucks if you ask me. I would recommend it to anybody.


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