Another great idea maybe

I have lots of great ideas on this blog. Some of them are megaphysical and can’t be used anywhere. I’m probably best at those because they are about things nobody else sees except me. This is probably because I can think more airily which is where those megaphysical ideas are from. I think my way into that air and grab those ideas like flies.

But I have other great ideas which are useable in real life if people would use them. Some of them deal with world peace. These are called globular ideas because they fit all over the world. The idea I have for here is that kind of idea.

It’s pretty much simple and here it is. Give everybody a stick of gum in the whole world. Then when anybody has a problem with another person they could offer them a stick of gum. Then that other person would feel like they had to give a stick of gum too. That would take care of most of the issues in the world I think. Those guys in congress would get out of their coagulation pretty fast. This is because you can’t fight somebody who gives you a stick of gum. It just can’t happen and never has in all the history of the world. There would be world peace lickidy split.

The problem would be if somebody chewed theirs first and wanted to take somebody else’s from them. They might steal that gum when the other person was looking away or just kill them like usual. That would start some kind of gum war thing which could even be worse than normal wars. Because once you don’t have any gum you wouldn’t be able to stop it even if you wanted to, which you probably wouldn’t if somebody had just stolen your gum from you. This is what you call a philosophical conniption.

I have to admit I haven’t got that problem figured out yet.


One Response

  1. Pretty good idea . . . but what flavor of gum? Is Juicy Fruit the best global option? What about Black Jack? Now, that’s a good gum–makes a mess on your teeth, tongue, lips–even your chin, if you drool, which opens gobs of ways for people to converse. What’re they gonna talk about with a boring gum like Juicy Fruit? Or how bout bubble gum? Forget about teaching the world to sing–teach the world to blow bubbles and I just bet we’d have world peace before you can say “Double your pleasure, double your fun . . .”

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