Pretty important ideas

If you have been following along this blog you will know that there are lots of really important ideas that I talk about. Not everybody can just up and talk about important ideas like I can do. Most other people have to talk a lot before they even come up with one idea that is maybe something you couldn’t even call an idea in the first place. I should know, I have read all those other blogs out there that pretend to be about ideas like this blog really is. I even read some magazines at the grocery store that pretend on their covers to be about ideas and haven’t found one that’s like this blog as far as that goes. Maybe the closest I found at the dentist was called Bowhunt America which was pretty philosophical about why killing innocent animals is fun. But maybe I was just in a hurry and didn’t compare it to this blog which is not about killing animals, except that one blog I talked about killing spiders which you would know about if you had been reading this blog in the first place. Oh, and the whole squirrel thing which I am not going to even mention about.

nakedcowboy.jpgYou have also noticed if you have been paying attention that this blog is not about politics except for last time because politics is not an important idea even one bit. We think it’s a big deal but it’s not really, mostly because nobody who is in politics is that much interesting. Now if somebody like that cowboy in New York who sings guitar on the street in his underwear was running for politics, I would be interested. Now that guy has something to say about issues in my personal opinion. I have put his picture here so you know who I’m talking about and not making it up. I think he has a big megaphysical statement he is making right in our faces and this is the kind of issue this blog is famous for. But this guy is not running for politics because he knows better than to do that. He has found a good way to make people think about megaphysical issues by getting their attention with what you might call exposure. Exposure is hard to come by unless you read certain other magazines which I will not even dignify by mentioning their names that I’ve collected. Then you can know that exposure is easy to come by if you are in the wrong section of the grocery store which is just on the other side of the frozen food freezers half way down and on the top in the back of the magazine shelves. But this blog refuses to get on that subject which is not an issue even one bit I hope you know.

This blog has its aim set on issues that are important because they affect thinking about them. For example somebody might want to think about organical stuff, like I have talked about already and so I won’t repeat myself here again on that. But if they go to this blog they will have their minds fertilized about it. Then they can’t go back to their old way of thinking about it. This happens all the time with this blog. People think one thing and then they read this blog and suddenly they are thinking another thing. No place else can this happen so fast as here which is why people who want to stop thinking like they do should come to this great blog.

So I’m pretty much done with this issue for now. I have important thinking to do today so I’m probably going to do that when I can fit it in.


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