What you call early in the morning is the time that the sun hasn’t come up yet and most people are most likely still in bed. That is why it is the best time to think about philosophy when nobody is awake yet. Philosophy is about megaphysical issues above your mind which is why it’s better to think about early before you start thinking straight and the day gets all unfounded and pretty much useless for thinking.

Personally I don’t like to think about the same old philosophy things all the time, like for instance God or nature or fancy stuff like gynecology or how many angles a pin has. Those things have been thought about pretty much to confusion so why bother about it? But sometimes I think about the old stuff mostly to see if there’s something everybody else has missed. It’s professional to do that and I would know.

This morning I decided to think about time. Time is very open to a person like me who thinks about it. Time goes on and on almost everywhere, which makes it easier to find. Time does not stop except when your waiting for the dentist or throwing up or something like that. It always goes forward most of the time also. Sometimes it goes backward like in your mind when you have memory. But take it from me, it’s not good to mix up your mind with reality. When a person does that they can become dearranged and think they are famous like Hannah Montana or Charlie Sheen who is most likely misoriented because of personal issues. It’s the only explanation for such persons as that.

It is funny that people talk like you can have time. It is also funny that people think you can run out of it too. You can’t run out of time because of the fact that there is always more of it coming up. And another thing, how can a person lose time I want to know? You’d have to be a really spattered person to do that. As for me I always know where I leave it so as not to have that problem. There is no excuse for this to happen as you can understand from my philosophy. So I wish people would stop this unsensical way of thinking which is definitely not megaphysical but only normal.

Well, that’s pretty much it for the time discussion. I have to relocate my mind and get ready for work to help pay for things like electricity and organical soap which a person I won’t name thinks they have to have. It’s made out of hemp which is really just another name for pot which is totally wasted on cleaning your face in my opinion. I tried smoking some of the soap when nobody was home but I couldn’t get it to stay lit. Besides I didn’t even get high one bit, only I had this terrible taste in my mouth for hours. Like I say, what a waste.


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