Who is Hannah Montana Anyway?

I am a very updated kind of person if you don’t know. I have culture in my mind which means I don’t think rap music is culture. You may like rap music or think it is good, but I hate to break it on you that it is not cultured even one bit. Mostly it’s a bunch of black persons wearing jewry hip hopping in a microphone and making weird motions, unless it’s a white person pretending to be a black person which you can mostly tell if you look close enough. So I’m telling you that rap music cannot be counted as culture because white people invented culture and are the only ones who know how to do it right. Not all white people have culture for sure. Those are the white trash people you hear about who live in Kentucky in trailers. There is nothing wrong with being a white trash person if you aren’t trying to do rap, which is very unnatural. The natural thing is to just live in a trailer and accept it.

In my mind where the culture is I came up with a question. Who is Hannah Montana anyway? I have heard that she is a famous kid singer who is another person too called Smiley Cyrus who teeny boppers are fantastical about. But I tell you that she is not famous really, only because somebody decided she was going to be. That’s not real famousness. Real famousness does not come because somebody decides on famousness. It can only come from somebody who is famous anyway. Like for instance somebody like George Washington or Mr. Bean. They were just doing their job and got famous for it. I have heard that George Washington wanted to be famous kind of, but he didn’t earn it by somebody deciding. That is only a late phenominality in modern times. Mr. Bean is a perfect example of real famousness. Everybody knows him because of who he is, not because he’s a singer, like Hannah Montana. Hannah Montana could not stack up to Mr. Bean for famousness even one little bit. You know why? Because of culture which I have been talking about.

Because of people like Hannah Montana it shows that culture is in trouble these days. Just about anybody can take over it whenever they want. But not for me. Culture is safely locked in my mind where nobody can get at it. That means that I can take it out only when I want to not because somebody is forcing me because of fake famousness like Hannah Montana.

You may not understand all this if you don’t have culture in your mind like I do, or if you are a white trash or black rap singer. This is not prejudice I hope you know. Prejudice is when somebody makes an opinion without the facts. I do not fall into such a category as that. Culture is about the facts except put to music or in a book. It is impossible to have culture in your mind and be against somebody who is stupid or a different country than you are. Just because they are stupid or from a different country isn’t the same thing as prejudice I hope you can figure out. It’s time we all just had peace that different isn’t the same thing.

So I’m mostly likely right about this kid named Hannah Montana (who is also another person) due to the fact that I am speaking out of my mind where the culture is. This kid may be nice, but she cannot be culture in any sense of the word of it. That’s just the facts of the case.


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