What’s the big deal about history?

Everybody talks about history like it’s a big deal. I don’t think it’s that great to be talking about it like that. First of all, it’s already over and there’s nothing you can do about it one bit. So what’s the point? I guess people don’t see that point about it.

There is also this saying that goes those who don’t know about history assume to delete it. They talk like that’s a bad thing. Well, I can’t see what the deal is since history is already deleted from modern times due to the fact that it’s not here any more. People can be so paranoidal. Let it go people.

The other thing about history is that it makes you think of these so called great people who are famous. Like for instance George Washington or that guy who let the slaves go. Then there is Mohammad Gandi who started this huge deal about salt. Come on, get real. I mean who can remember who won American Idol even two years ago? Why should somebody like Orange Julius who ran Rome over a hundred years ago be somebody I have to memorize about? I hope you can see my point.

Here’s my solution to the history issue. First, forget about it. That would help cut school for kids to a half a day. Then they could concentrate on modern stuff like iPads or tolerance. After you have dropped history from your mind you can worry about important things like organic food which I will talk about more of in another blog if I remember. I don’t think organic food is so special since it is still growing in the dirt. What’s the difference between organic dirt and regular dirt? Not much I bet, except maybe the cow’s poop is cleaner.  But that’s not history mostly.

So I put my vote in that history is not that great and we should forget about it.  If you want to wallow in the past that’s what they call a dis-function.  You will have lots of problems in your life unless you get rid of that.  I’m telling you this because you need to know it.

History is basically a waste of time.  Which is a funny joke if you are a litterary person and get it.  But I can’t expect everybody to be on my level which is why this blog is informatative for people in general.


One Response

  1. Yep… “don’t look back,” that’s what I always say. Besides, if history teaches us anything, it’s that history teaches us nothing.

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