I am sick, like the real kind.  Today I had the shivers and then the sweats all day.  That is quite a combination, let me tell you.  One minute you are cold and the next you are wet with sweat because you are burning up.  I tried to start my day with a positive attitude like Joel Osteen says, but I just could not handle it.  At 10 am I went back to bed for the whole rest of the day.  Now I am not as bad, but I do not appreciate it that anybody would think that I am better.  If you were sick like me you would know about it.

It is hard to do things when you are sick like I am.  Mostly because you do not want to do anything.  Except be sick, which you really don’t have a choice of anyway.  All you do is lie around until you have to get up because of the runs.  This is a good name for them due to the fact that you don’t get much warning and you may be all the way in another room.  I am not afraid to tell you that I messed up three pairs of underwear yesterday by not running fast enough.  I was at least wearing old underwear that I should have thrown out a long time ago.  I have a pile of such underwear and now I am glad I do.

I also had a headache and I still do along with the runs too but not so runny.  And to top it all off my stomach is nausipated so that I don’t even want to eat anything, even junk food.  So today I am still counted as really sick by any stretch of sickness and I should probably go to the doctor to see if I have malaria.

If you’ve been paying attention to this great blog, I was in India once.  India has malaria issues due to the fact that their mosquitoes are in poverty.  They don’t eat as healthy of blood as American mosquitoes do which is the reason for malaria.  That is why I have to check to see if I got malaria because of those Indian mosquitoes.

I’m writing this blog now in case I have malaria and am going to die.  This is something we all have to face due to the fact that we are humans.  But I’m not thinking about everybody else now, I’m only thinking about my malaria which can only kill me not you, so don’t worry.  Even reading this blog it is not likely you will catch it from me, since you are probably reading it in America.  If you are reading this in India it could be a problem.  How should I know?

So I’m going to be done with this now.  I have gotten another warning sign and have to run.  I mean it.


2 Responses

  1. Hey, I hope you’re feeling better. After all, it really isn’t how you look that matters. (Something I’m trying to tell myself in my old age.)

  2. Well Fred, I’m sorry for you. I’m sick too…not like you. I just have this itchy rash all over my body. Makes me want to run for the Scratcher. And there’s these little bumps all over that itch and look a lot like mosquito bites but real close together like the mosquitos were all holding hands when they came after me. To make matters worse, I’ve had this problem for about two weeks…been to urgent care once over it (they said it was probably an allergic reaction and said if it didn’t get better in a week I should call my doctor which I did because it got worse and my doctor, wouldn’t you know it, can’t see me till next Thursday. Meanwhile, I’m tearing my hair out (I got it cut recently so now I look like a business man). You don’t suppose I have Malaria, do you?

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