Dead Squirrel

A couple of days ago I surprised a cat in my yard who dropped a squirrel from its mouth. I went to look. The little animal was still alive. Its lungs were pumping in and out really fast. It lifted its head to look at me. I thought it might live so I left it there and did some stuff on the other side of the yard. A few minutes later I went back to check on it. The squirrel was dead. Its black eyes were still open, but it was definitely dead. I was amazed that just a moment before it was a living thing and now it was dead. Whatever it was that made the little squirrel’s body alive was gone. I began to think about what life actually is and how in a moment any one of us could get attacked by a cat and die in somebody’s yard.

I found a shovel and quickly dumped the dead squirrel over the hedge into my neighbor’s yard. Mostly because I hate thinking about that stuff. Now my neighbor can think about it.


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