I am writing this post due to the fact that I just won a Scrabble game at my house.  Scrabble is the only game I like to play.  I don’t like cards or silly acting out games or anything like that.  But Scrabble is a different thing.

I am very good at Scrabble since I know lots of words.  Take as an example tonight.  I had these letters: w, u, u, u, i, t, and another i.  When it was my turn I played the word tiuwuiu which blew everybody’s mind out.  When somebody asked what it meant, I said it was an African word for chicken poop.  They weren’t sure they believed me, but I threatened to quit and they caved in.  Well, I got 81 points for that because it was what you call a Bingo due to the fact that I used all my letters up.

Then I drew these new letters: e, r, r, b, n, l, a.  On my next turn I played another Bingo with barnler.  Again they asked what word that was and I told them it was a small bird who lives in a barn.  I had to threaten to quit again, but they eventually accepted it.

Well, after five or six times of that I was way ahead and they gave up and quit.  It was pretty sweet I’m telling you.  This happens almost every time I play Scrabble with them.  I am the dude.


2 Responses

  1. If you like Scrabble, you would also love Quiddler. It is like Scrabble, only with cards and any number of people can play. VERY FUN!

  2. So, who wasted the s with “nest”? At the very least it would have been better at the end of weather, and most likely could have been a hook onto a really nice score.

    Oh, you were trying to make a different point, weren’t you?

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