All mixed up not


In these days it is hard to know just who knows and who doesn’t know stuff.  In my opinion hardly anybody who says they know really know anything and the people who say they don’t know anything probably know more than the other people. This is what you call the state of affairs.

For those of you who have followed this great blog for forever you already know that I know a lot that others don’t.  This is due to the fact that my thinking is not limited to my mind like other people’s.  I am definitely a thinker above my mind which gives me a lot more space to put things like memories, ideas, and even concepts (which take up a lot of room).  This is really important in these days of people basically not knowing anything like the economy or politics or the new Facebook.

At first I thought I was getting mixed up myself about all this stuff.  But then I found out that I was actually more on the tracks than I thought.  I started seeing that my ideas were better than my first opinion.  Since then I have revised myself to appreciate my mind better.

So what I’m saying is that this great blog is even more important now than it was before we had an economy and all the mixup about politics and organic food.  If you read this great blog you will not end up in contusion like your friends.  This has the extra plus of making you better than them which is enjoyable for its own sake.


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