It is my birthday


It is my birthday again.  This makes me retro I guess due to the fact that I’m from the past.  The past is a sure thing unless you forget it which some people do who get the himers.  I don’t plan to get them and take lots of vitamins so that doesn’t happen.  But if it does I won’t remember it anyway.

Since it is my birthday I am celebrating in my mind where I don’t have to clean up after myself or worry about being too loud.  I also get all the presents I want.  This is the best way to celebrate a birthday if you’ve got room in your mind like I do.

I haven’t learned anything this past year that I can think of.  It was pretty much business as usual which I like.  I don’t like changes just to change.  That is what I would call nervous energy like a little dog on meth.  No way for me.  I am centered in my self and have balance most of the time.  (I did trip on the stairs this morning and stub my toe which I say only in the interests of total enclosure.)  In fact, I’m about the most central person I know.

I was asked if I could have been born another person who would it be.  I laughed because I don’t believe in reintroduction one bit even.  Besides, being born somebody else is what everybody is anyway so it’s no big miracle.  It would be better to ask if there was somebody you would change places with but I did that once and it turned out totally bogus by costing me 15 bucks.  I don’t even want to tell you about it.  Just say I found out what’s on the bottom of some tables.

Since it’s my birthday I don’t mind telling you that I don’t like cake except for angel food.  I don’t mind pancakes but they’re not easy to take pictures of.  Which brings up another thing I don’t like.  I hate getting my picture taken because they never show me like how I really am in my mind of myself.  I always look bad in pictures which is not a great way to celebrate yourself.

Well, that’s pretty much all I have to say about this topic.


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  1. Yeah, why is it everyone else looks better in pics than we do? Happy birthday (outside your mind)

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