stupidI am not political mostly due to the fact that I think about stuff.  Politics and thinking do not go together even one bit which you would know unless you were born yesterday.  Usually I just ignore stupid people because I am tolerant of people less advantaged than me, which is pretty much everybody.  But you probably already know that.

Except now it is getting hard to ignore stupidity because it is now on a huge scale that a megaphysical person like me can’t ignore.  I’m talking about those people in Washington BC who are in congress and that new guy with the ears.  They want to give gazillions of dollars to idiots who made stupid greedy decisions and lost to the free market cistern.  Not only that, they want to bail out other idiots who bought huge houses they couldn’t afford in the first place.  Not only that, they want to tell the banks and credit card companies that it is their fault that idiots borrowed money from them to buy those huge houses and other stuff they couldn’t afford.  Not only that, they are going to tell those banks (who are stupid too) that the original deals that those idiot borrowers made and are legal commitments are no longer any good because people can’t keep their promises so they are going to make banks change the deal that the stupid people signed off on so that people can stay in their huge houses even though they can’t pay for them.  Not only that, they want to give bazillions MORE money to car makers who don’t even know how to make cars people want to buy so these car makers can continue to make cars nobody wants to buy so they can pay workers to make those cars nobody wants to buy.  All this is called a stimulus package for America.

I say this is stupid stupid stupid stupid stupid.  Congress is stupid.  The new president with ears is stupid.  Everybody who thinks they should be bailed out of their greed is stupid and selfish.  You can see that I am infurious about it, mostly due to the fact that I pay my bills and don’t spend more money than my wife makes and don’t ask anybody to pay for my stupidness except for my kids which is more a religious thing which I don’t really pay much attention to anyway.

Here is what I say to the congress people: DON’T BE STUPID ANYMORE!


This is a great country (except for New Orleans) and I don’t want anybody to ruin it.  If this keeps up we might as well be Canada who at least has a cooler flag.



2 Responses

  1. My wife and I were talking about that just last night but not quite as well as you articulated it. It is stupid. And yes, Canada does have a cool flag, BUT I don’t like hockey because I like my teeth and it’s too cold. Besides why is one half French and the left side British, shouldn’t one just conquer the other and get it over with?

  2. it IS stupid, and even a Canadian (quasi-socialist nirvanite) like me believes that.

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