441069071This is OJ.  He is sad.  He has been convicted of stupidity.  See OJ be sad?  This is what is called a trajesty.  OJ used to be a good soccer player but now he is reduced to stealing his own stuff which is why he is going to jail.

OJ cannot understand why there is such a fuss over his stupidity.  “I am stupid,” he said.  “So what?  You should not punish stupid people because they are basically harmless.”  The lady judge thought about that for, say, one second and then threw the book at him which is a technical word for sending him down the lake.

Now OJ has to be stupid in jail.  This is harder to do because the jails are filled with other stupid people who got books thrown at them.  There is more competition.  Maybe OJ can learn group stupidity or turn it into a hobby to make spare money.  Personally, I would like to see OJ be reformatted and let out a better person.  Then he could start a soccer league for disadvantageous people of all kinds.  Maybe he could have his own cable reality show about being stupid on an island . . . oh, wait a minute.  They already have that.  Never mind.

So I want to pause to remember OJ for a moment.

Okay.  That’s enough.


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