I live in Oregon which means that I have already voted by the mail. I did not have to stand in line or anything. It was check check check check and drop into the old mailbox. This is my contribution to American politicalism and the future of this great country. I live in a state that is blue since the beginning of time. This means that no matter how you vote other than blue your vote gets blue when it comes out the other end. This is the electric college at work which saves America from a tie and civilian war if it came down to it. It was a good idea back when it was invented, but now it would be better to just have the candidates fight it out in a mud wrestling ring and be done with it. 3 minutes and it’s over. No more of this dragged out stuff.

The best part about voting early is that you don’t have to listen to all those commercials and experts anymore. Once you drop that ballot in the mailbox you’ve done your duty and can return to being a regular American again which has nothing to do with running the country. I kind of wish they mailed out those ballots four years ahead of time so I could get it over with before it even starts.

So however this thing turns out on election day, I am here to say YAY! May the megaphysical reality of your choice guide this great country into the place it deserves. I mean that for reals.


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