Good Bye John

This blog is a great blog due to the fact that it is megaphysical not about religion or politics.  That means I don’t spend my time worrying about who is going to be president of this great country.

So I am saying that the fact that John McCain is out of the running is megaphysical not political or religious which other people seem to think it is.  The reason is that I exposed John McCain as a necrotist by having his sister Shirley pretend to be a mom from Alaska.  This came out and now people are leaving him in droves for Senator Osama.

I also exposed Osama as pretending to be a black guy or even worse Michael Jackson.  This has not got around so much which is why people still think he should be president.  If it did nobody would vote for him either.  And even though I have supported Keith Richards and Paris Hilton for president in the past, I am not now.  I have changed my mind about it which a person can do when you get more information

The new information I have is that there is a secret club who decide everything in the world, including where Walmarts can go.  These guys are known as the luminators or something like that.  They control everything due to the fact that they own at least 87% of the world.  The only thing they don’t own is Senator Biden mostly because he’s probably not worth owning anyway.

So what I’m saying is that McCain is done for.  This is a big blow to Hillary Clinton who wants him to win so she can be president after him.  Bummer for her I’m thinking.


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  1. Our Shadowy Overlords will take care of us, don’t worry.

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