David Blaine & hanging around

There is this guy David Blaine who is hanging upside down.  He is trying to do it for 60 hours.  This could be megaphysical mostly because he has to pee against gravity.  I have tried this and it’s not easy let me tell you.  It is not the same as peeing against the wind or into a little bottle for the doctors.  Peeing against gravity is not normal which is what could make haning upside down megaphycial.

The problem is the this guy keeps taking 15 minute breaks all the time.  That kind of undoes the whole thing if you ask me.  It’s like I read that the British guys used to take tea breaks even if they were in a war.  It sounds like civilization but that is an allusion.  Taking a 15 minute break when you’re supposed to be hanging upside down is against the rules of nature just like peeing against gravity.

This guy David Blake has also done some other weird stuff too like being frozen in a big ice cube and being underwater in a plastic ball.  He used to be a magic guy but now he is doing mostly what you call stunts.  It’s not at all like that other guy Harry Hoodini who escaped from milk cartons.  At least he didn’t take breaks.

So anyway, I am disappointed in this hanging around thing.  I think it should be more dangerous like doing it while being on fire or having people shoot at you.  But it’s not my decision.


One Response

  1. Why? If this is a stunt to attract attention, well I guess he wins. But does he think of the millions of children who really don’t understand how foolish this is, who may well try it next week in their own backyard? How will he feel if someone dies? What kind of example is he setting for vulnerable children?

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