I am writing this

I am writing this because a great blog needs it.  I thought about doing a blog where I don’t actually write anything but decided that most people wouldn’t appreciate it as much as I would due to the fact that they expect something.  That is the problem with the world today.  Everybody expects something which is the problem.  If everybody got rid of their expectations then nobody would be disappointed which is the cause of all the wars and TV shows like Family Guy.  But I expect nothing will change about that.

Things would be a lot easier if nobody wrote stuff either.  We wouldn’t have to have libraries which are kind of like grave yards for books.  Hardly anybody uses libraries for books anyway.  It’s kind of like the city bus service.  Most busses are empty but that doesn’t mean the city doesn’t think it needs busses.  If you figure it out, the money you would save by not having busses would allow the city to get a taxi for those couple of old people and goth kids to get around.  This is the same for books and should be considered.  But I don’t expect that either if you want to know.

So basically I’m writing this for the sake of entropy, which is a law of science they passed when they figured we needed that law.  I don’t know what the vote was, but it obviously passed since we’re now stuck with it.  As a result of it we have junkyards and TV Land.  Sometimes when I am watching Gilligan’s Island I wish they had not passed that law.  But I don’t expect my opinion will make a difference anyway on that.

So I will stick to megaphysical issues which I am an expert on as you know if you have been following this great blog.  And I’ll probably keep writing stuff because that’s probably what you expect.


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