I am no longer doing drugs. That is an interesting experience let me tell you. I have come up with a moral of that story which is don’t take cold medicine and drink an old bottle of wine that you find in the back of your refrigerator at the same time. This can make a person different than they would normally be and that is not what you want mostly. I did not have any hallucinating ideas either which is necessary for visions. This probably means I would not be a good indian religious person where they take coyote and then have visions of animals. I am not really an animal person anyway so that would be a bummer if that happened, especially if those animals talked at you. No way for sure. Then you’d find yourself carving tatum poles and sticking them up in your yard which would bug the neighbors and make it hard to mow. The only positive thing would be that you might be able to turn that pole into a sell tower by selling space on top for antennis. But that would be more business than religion anyway.

ukraine.jpgSo no that I’m not doing drugs I am taking a trip to a country I’ve never been to. It’s called Ukraine but not called the Ukraine which a person kind of wants to say. It’s like calling the Beatles just Beatles which doesn’t even feel natural at all. You wouldn’t say I like Beatles because everybody would think you mean the bugs not the music guys. So it’s the same way with Ukraine which is not the Ukraine I hope you know by now. I don’t know anything about that country except that it takes a jet to get there. I will be taking a jet for that reason. It takes hours mostly because that way the airline can charge you more then. It would be hard to charge hundreds of dollars for a 15 minute ride so they use psychosis on you to make you think you’re getting your money’s worth of it. But do you think I am fooled? You bet I’m not. But I have to go along for the flight as they say so as not to rock the boat as they say. But I am not taking a boat to clearify.

When I get to Ukraine I will stay in a hotel in a town I don’t know about. I can’t even remember the name of it. But that’s the way with these towns in other countries that are not this great country of America. They are forgettable as soon as you can’t remember them. Nobody can forget America because we will bomb you if you do and that will jog your memory pretty fast I’ll have you know. Just ask Iraq and New Orleans who tried once. Well, Iraq maybe tried twice but then we fired that Sudan guy and then it got better like it is now.

But Ukraine even has a woman president who is way prettier than Hillary by a long shot. No offense to Bush, but it would be nice to have a president who was actually nice to look at. That would solve a lot of our problems right away, but there is not much hope of this considering the elections. None of the candidates are nice looking even one bit. Hillary just looks worn out which she probably is. Osama is too skinny with big ears. That will be a problem if he gets to be president because other countries will think America is starving. Osama would be great as president of one of those poor countries in Africa. Besides, I think he’s a black person but I’m not sure because he wears suits most of the time. And John Mclain is way too chunky in the face. He looks like he’s made of cheap wood. He probably can’t sing as good as Bush either.

If they have internet over in Ukraine I will try to tell you about it like I did about India. You learned a lot about India I bet that you didn’t know. This could be the same about Ukraine if they have internet. Otherwise I will just have to wait until I get back to this great country America to tell you about it. There is only so much I can do for you since I don’t charge for this blog. I believe this blog should be free until I can figure out how to make money on it.


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