Shirley McCain

shirleymccain.jpgNow that that guy John McCain looks like he is going to get nominated by those Republicans you know those Demoncrats are going to dig up all kinds of dirt on him, including who he’s probably related to. That brings up Shirley McCain, that movie star who keeps getting reincarcerated from other lives. Now I don’t have a problem if a person wants to come back again after they have died. That’s their business if you ask me just like what a person’s religion is or what race they choose to be. Miss McCain can come back all she wants if she wants. I am not going to judge her about it mostly because I’m tolerated about things like that.

But those Demoncrats are not going to be above their minds like I am. They are going to go after Mr. McCain like nobody’s business for sure. They are going to dig into his laundry and find stuff that they can use against him. The big thing in his closet as they say will be Shirley. How is he going to explain her I wonder? As far as I know about it here is no president of this great country that has come back again from being dead. So since Shirley has done it they will associate her with John and that could work against him. I think he should just come right out and say that he hasn’t even been dead once yet and so he can not tell us about being somebody or a cow in another life before. That way the Demoncrats would have to give up on the Shirley McCain connection.

I also think that reincarceration only works in India which I have written about on this great blog before. In India they use souls over again not like here. Our great country uses disposable souls because we can afford it. You can only have a one time dying thing in a rich country like ours. In fact, it would be embarrassing for an American to come back to life again because that would be like getting caught with clothes from Good Will or something. That is not what Americans want in a soul for sure. But in India where they are poor and have cows running around town they repeat life again so they don’t waste anything even one little bit. It’s a pretty good operation for them. But here in this great country we show how rich we are by wasting everything including souls which is why other countries are way jealous of us. We feel sorry for them because they are stuck with used souls.

But when John McCain runs for president he will not admit to any of this because he will get caught between Shirley and foreign policy issues. This is a no win situation and he should avoid the whole thing.

Now the Demoncrats have their own problems. If Osama and Hillary can’t figure out who is going to get picked they will have to use dirt on each other more and more than even they are doing now. For example how can Osama be a Christian and a Muslim at the same time? Only if the has lived before, right? This could be a creeping up Shirley issue on him later. And if Hillary is married to Bill even if she wins the nomination, then everybody is going to know that she won’t even dispose of him which would only be the American thing do to. So keeping Bill even after he’s mostly used up would be what they call a libelity. There’s a whole lot of issues these two have to iron out.

It’s a pretty complicated issue for sure which is why you might want to stick to this great blog where I can think above your mind for you.


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  1. I think that is why we should bring back George W. Washington. He did a good job.

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