My Brain

January 6, 2018 - Leave a Response

mybrain.jpgI have always liked my brain if you want to know. That’s where I keep most of my thoughts in pretty much the order I think them. My brain has lots of places in it to keep thoughts and ideas and even some concepts. So far I have not run out of room which is pretty interesting since I have been putting most of my thoughts and ideas in there for a long time. I have this theoryistic idea that when a person finally does run out of room in their brain they get senile because their brain gets stuck. That doesn’t happen to everybody because they either have more room in their brains or they don’t use their brains enough to fill it up. I’ve met people with lots of unused room in their brains which is obvious by how they act and talk.

I don’t have that problem of not using my brain. I use it at least once a day whether I need it or not just to keep it in shape. But I have come up with an idea to make money from my brain. Since I have a big brain that won’t get filled up by my normal use of it, I was thinking I could rent out space for people who have run out of room in their brains. I could store their thoughts in my brain for as long as they would rent it. It would be kind of like those storage places you can rent to put your junk in except this would be for thoughts instead of junk. Well, I suppose some people’s thoughts are kind of junky, but I would have a much classier brain storage than that and so I wouldn’t store just any thought in my brain for money. That would be like prosecuting my brain which I won’t do even for money.

if_resolutions-19_897233Another thing I’ve notice about my brain is that it sometimes comes up with its own ideas which I don’t know where they came from. I know what I put in there, but sometimes stuff pops into my brain that I know for sure I didn’t put in there. Not all of these things are bad except that one idea about falling in love with a fat lady with a mustache that freaked me out for a couple of days. Anyway, some of them are even brilliant like the idea of inventing a microwave freezer that could freeze food as fast as a microwave oven. This is a brilliant idea that just popped in my brain and which I have no idea about. Some other ideas that just show up in my brain are just plain weird like that thought I had about collecting smells in jars for posterior generations and opening up a smell museum. I know for a fact that I didn’t put that idea in my brain.

Brain-Smiling-292x300So I have to wonder about my brain too, like what is it really? Is it a computer. Maybe its just a bunch of electric shocks buzzing any which way because of Darwin. I have my personal opinion on this but as usual its a megaphysical idea like you have come to expect from this great blog. I think my brain is like a somebody living in my body, well my head actually. That brain person is really me but its not exactly me since I can think about it like its somebody else and I can’t explain where things pop from in it. This is what they mean by MIND, as in mind your own business. Mind is the brain of the brain which gets into huge megaphysical issues that I can’t take time to explain to you now because I have to go somewhere in a minute. But my mind is like living in my brain and my brain is like living in my body and my body is like living in the world and the world is probably living in the mind of some other thing I can’t even think about.

I better stop this now because I bet you are getting too much to put in your brain so fast. But if you want, I can store these thoughts in my roomy brain for you if you give me some money. The more money you give me the more I will store in there for you. It’s a pretty good deal if you ask me.

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